Hello! I’m Kimberly. Here’s a little about me! I am the Founder of Ladies of Leadership, a wife, mother, and a giver. When I began  L.O.L, I just wanted to help young ladies be great. As a young girl, who grew up in Akron, Oh,  I experienced a lot of ups and downs. I was very insecure, didn’t feel loved, and didn’t love myself.  I didn’t understand the importance of valuing myself. Because of this, I lived  a carefree life. I didn’t care about the results of what I did; I was quite destructive. . By age 16, I became pregnant. I didn’t know who I was and now I was responsible for raising a child alone. The prominent reason why Ladies of Leadership has been established is to prevent young ladies from self-afflicting wounds that would negatively alter the course of their lives. It wasn’t until my adult life when I gave my life to Jesus Christ and experienced God that felt peace and joy in my life . There were times where I wished someone was there for me in my younger days to guide me down a clean path and that’s why I give back to young ladies. I believe it is my duty to love each member unconditionally without wavering. I believe in the importance of showing I care by listening to their passions and  problems and leading them to be whole well rounded young ladies.  If L.O.L didn’t exist, the communities that we impact would lack from countless young ladies suffering from depression, suicide, low self esteem, teenage pregnancy and failing grades. The benefit of working with us  is to ensure that the members of our program are positive citizens in the community.  Our program literally changes lives for the better in all aspects of their lives.

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