Term: June 3, 2024 – July 26, 2024

  1. Child’s Health
  1. If child(ren) has a temperature above 100.4 or higher, please keep them home until temperature is back or below normal (98.6).
  2. If child(ren) has a cough or any signs of cold-flu or Covid please keep them home until cough gone.
  3. If child(ren) is on any medications, please administer at home prior to attending the center.
  4. If child(ren) has any allergies, please share details with staff.
  5. Please provide child(ren) with a face mask to wear to center daily.


  1. If child(ren) has a cell phone and need to bring to the center, please note LOL is not responsible for damages or lost/stolen cell phones.
  2. Provide transportation for child(ren) to be picked up and dropped off to the center on time;
    1. Drop off before 8:30am
    2. Pick up by 4:00pm
  3. Please keep all personal belongings at home that are not affiliated with the center.
  1.  Pick Up – Drop Off
  1. Your child(ren) must be picked up by a parent, family member or friends or an adult (over 18 yrs. Old) and must be listed on the pick-up list.
  2. If unable to pick up your child by 4:00 pm, please contact LOL at your earliest convenience.  
  3. If someone besides a parent or person listed on pick up list is picking up your child(ren), LOL staff WILL NOT let your child(ren) leave with that person picking up your child(ren). Not even with a call, unless emergency (case by case).  Therefore, please ensure all family or friends names are listed on pick up list.
  4. Person picking up child(ren) needs to come in and pick up child(ren) unless staff is outside monitoring child(ren).

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